Post Divorce Advice

Post Divorce

Finally you have managed to split all your assets the divorce has been granted and you now no longer need to have anything to do with your ex partner. The ideal of a clean break between parties can be managed, but for a lot of couples this may not be available at this time.

For some people this can be true for others their can still be a dependency on your ex partner eg Maintenance, joint custody of children.

Post divorce potentially you will still need to consider the financial implications of you and your ex partner. You may still need to ensure that you both have adequate life cover especially if you still have joint liabilities.

If you are able to have a clean break, how do you now start to build up sufficient assets to allow you to enjoy your new freedom?

Even for older couples you can still have considerations especially when thinking about the tax issues around passing money down to future generations.

At Scotia we can provide you with a complete and holistic advice process from when you have started the separation process all the way through to building your plans for the future.

We can help you:-

Organise new life cover

Help you get a new mortgage

Review your life cover

Start to rebuild your savings and investments

Plan a strategy to have sufficient benefits when you retire

Even after divorce, the advisers at Scotia will continue to work with you providing suitable ongoing advice for the future.




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