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Achieving financial security for yourself, your family or your business is something most people would wish for. In today's complex world of financial services it is difficult and time consuming trying to find the plans that are best for you.

Where do you start?

DIY or Delegate?

If you have the time, the inclination and access to the correct resources, you may be able to arrange your own financial plans. It is more likely however, that you are too busy working or enjoying yourself to be bothered. If so, who is going to advise you?


Restricted or Independent?

The first choice is to decide if you wish to restrict yourself to the products and services of a single company, or if you would rather have access to all companies and choose the plans that are best suited to your needs


Competent & Qualified?

When seeking specialist advice you should demand that your adviser has the appropriate qualifications, and is a member of a relevant professional association. You can then be sure of receiving the highest standards of advice and service.



Successful financial planning is not just about making the right decision now. It is a constant process of monitoring, updating and adapting. Your circumstances and needs will change as you progress through life, your financial plans should be flexible enough to cope, and your adviser should be there when it suits you.


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